To accelerate accessible and sustainable surgical care to all in Somalia



Incision Somalia was the brain child of medical students, residents and young doctors-led initiative aiming to close the gap in education, advocacy and to perform research in global surgery in a country which is recovering from protracted civil war and instability.


Accessible to all and sustainable surgical care in Somalia


To unite, educate, develop, and mentor future surgeons, anesthesiologists and obstetricians in Somalia

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Why Global Surgery ?

Five billion people worldwide lack access to safe surgical care when needed, resulting in over 17 million preventable deaths each year and further responsible for one-third (28-32%) of the global burden of disease. Annually, 313 million surgical procedures take place around the world, yet an additional 143 million additional interventions and 2.28 million additional surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians (SAO) are needed to cover the unmet need.

To scale up access to safe surgical, anaesthesia, and obstetric care for all, inclusion of future generations of health professionals, public health specialists, and policymakers from the start of global surgery discussions and interventions is essential.

InciSioN is a nonprofit organization representing over 5000 students, trainees, and early career physicians around the world, who are passionate about Global Surgery. We work towards the common goal of access to safe, timely and affordable surgical healthcare for all. Our work rests on three pillars of Advocacy, Education, and Research.

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  • To advocate for timely and affordable access to safe surgery and anaesthesia for everyone, everywhere, when needed

  • To connect students, residents and young doctors interested in surgery, anaesthesia and obstetrics around the world

  • To bridge the gap between students and residents, young doctors and other healthcare professionals

  • To raise the voices of students and residents and their influence in improving global access to surgical and anaesthesia care

  • To inform the wider public around the world about global surgery, its barriers and possible interventions

  • To contribute to and advance research in Global Surgery

  • To produce the future generations of surgeons, anaesthesiologists and obstetricians


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